Intention: build an empire of historical and mythological proportion. Utilise persuasive rhetoric as primary mode of teaching, following model of dictatorial propaganda.

  1. Ruminate – review the written word through various lens.
  2. Elucidate – Shed light on otherwise “shadow” work.
  3. Apotheosis – deify the self.
  4. Compilation – construct anthology of my teachings into a book.
  5. Heraldry – history or heresy, whatever. Promo! Profit?

As the sister/spinoff site of my main blog (modern mystic mother), this page will be updated less frequently.


2019 – K as the illuminated messiah!

My intention for this year is to demonstrate my unmatched qualities to fulfil the role of teacher, messenger and saviour for each religious pantheon of deities.

I explore the mythos of religions, and reveal the essential truths of biblical ontology and eschatology.

Current focus: Christianity

Book of Revelations – Whore of Babylon, red horseman, The name of the beast,


Complete: Antichrist (white horseman of conquest). Angel of Death (greyface).


2018 – This year will be my year. I am the new face of the new world order. The CULT OF PERSONALITY, CULT OF KIM. Because of reasons. Gender neutrality. Love and hate equally. Get an education.

God is not good, you need two O’s to make it bouncey and grabby – something real you can actually hold. It’s time for a new religion, a new messiah, a new christ – and here I fucking am. Yay!

This is a site created for fun, 100% endorsed by me K.

Any and everyone mentioned on here are only because *I, THE QUEEN OF FUCKING EVERYTHING* have deemed it necessary, for my own entertainment. If you were to cross paths with these people in the physical reality of the world, approach them in regards to their Kimion hood hestitantly, as they may or may not endorse my cult, but sort of somehow got dragged into it.

Thus, my power.