Is it WH- ? It is.

I know it. You know it. Whether or not they do too or not, matters not. It both is and is not. Best experienced and understood when one sits. Situated in stillness, nestled in between 2 other things. It by itself is nothing much. It only means anything when it is with any other…

It – is – in – side – pitch – white – sight

number, letter, symbol, sign/s/quint to sea it in essence

With in or with out our rain air earth fire sky spirit blight


I am 1, ok. UR 2, you see. We = 3. Foundation 4 fluor

Plural. S. -es -ies

All or none, understood as one. One is none at once in cone. Whole.

I know where. It is at. All Saints Clair.

Ego = I ~ A = Io i.e Au.

@ Y / I.O.U / Æ galaxy