Blinded by the light

Blinded by the light. The Kalliope fell to the ground when she heard the call come in.

The sun girl came and went wherever the wind blew her towards a new direction.

This has been in my drafts since before the first may day. If I release it now, will it have mattered at all I said it?

This is not the song for the day, but it is the song I choose to share. That I must prove myself first before I prove my proof to you.

by the eagles of death metal

Soaring on wings of freedom, this metal star seed is from the fruit of the knowledge tree. A hybrid chimera of shadow and light, made when the horticulturalist spliced me with the seed of the tree of life.

My mother nor my father were trees. No one was a dendrophiliac, but I do remember my father saying he preferred trees when I once asked him what was his favourite flower…

Trees are a resource, giving more than their broken and sawed bodies for us when we cut them down. Jesus gave his body, I could give you mine too. But I won’t let you kill me for I have far more work to do.

Give us breath, the clean air. Give me shade, a place to rest. Give you shelter, they stand tall and strong. Give them hell, for they take (up) too much (space)…

more/ /effort/ /less/ /thought


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