Lane: our life & path

A meaningful lifepath would be the chosen life path, the path that was selected and followed. Active agency. You do you, and know that you are you.

For me, for my life’s journey to have meaning… I need to be told by other people that I was able to help lead them somewhere beneficial… Because I know what I do, I just don’t know what that is.

Discovery. Epiphany. Ideas. Thoughts/sensations. People think that these mental ideations define their identity and so get defensive when anyone attempts to approach their position from a divergent path.

(2 comments, from today, Mon 3/6/19)

(Side note to self: deliver me prosperity. Manifest wealth in my immediate destiny. First a trickle, then a roar. Water must pass through the troughs. Nourish the parched opens mouths frozen in time from empty hearts)


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