2 down 4 more to go. What I want is what I need.

Updated 27 May 2019 // contact me for a tarot reading, or whatever. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

I wrote this in January and published it in March. 5 more days and it will be May. How quickly time turns without you to notice…

I wrote about this on my personal blog, but figured why not share it here too.

I want to earn some money in order to invest it here – to produce entertaining and educational content that encourages critical and creative thought.

I signed up to Patreon! I provide a service, not a product (yet! Working on writing books!), therefore my reluctance to attach a price on this post.

I offer divination (tarot/oracle card) readings, educational tutoring, and freelance writing.

So subscribe on Patreon to help support your favourite cult leader.

Or donate. I’ve also got PayPal. Gimme money. For me and for you


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