MeMessiah: The future May be blurry

I have neglected this little hole in the world but it is not like it matters to you. I have been busy trying to build and construct a cosmos of words, failing mind you, but trying nonetheless.

With the end of my days fast approaching this May, let me leave you a message divine that can be felt if you so enter my songs into your queue. Listen as you read my words and float away with me on the waves.

There is loss, a feeling of emptiness that desires to be filled with the soft spoken voice of another… to not be alone. For these are dark times approaching and it is time we need to be able to just let go of our knots and crosses.

If you can give up, just like me, you’ll feel better. Who cares if the river leads over the edge of the water fall? Fall with the water and drown or fly. Swim or sink.

Nothing is worth the pain. Nothing is worth the promise of life, except the light behind your eyes. That’s not me, that’s you. I am nothing but the empty night sky, you have a soul that has evolved from another time.

I thought that I was past this point of my own inner personal pain… I guess ascension is just not the path for me. Sitting or standing here on the outside of the gates, acting as guardian psychopomp is to be my fate.

I am here as a guide. I am not allowed inside. I am on the outside, and unless souls walk by and ask my advice, I am truly nothing without you.


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