Breathe in now, George

Oh curious George, far too curious for any one. I have the inkling that somebody may need to heed the message of this song. For though art is divisive, music is what unites us. Words, sound, movement and vision.

Cheeky monkey, follow this kitty kat. The path of the westerly tiger is not for the unworthy. Peeling back the layers of my kimions, the mmmessiah is telling you to love, like and be good to yourself. Because if you can’t, who possibly could?

Don’t hold your breath. This message is for me.

I see love and beauty all around, I also see the sadness that’s embedded in your frown
I wonder why you choose not to talk to those who surround, I sense a fear of lifting heavy feet
Higher than you want to, I just want to believe your truth…

You stand there but you do not cast a shadow, you walk away with every word you choose not to say
I suppose that moving on paints a new colour for each day, I don’t like to see
Dreams put on the shelf, to deal with on that one day, I just want to be happy for you

’cause I only have one second, this minute today
I can’t press rewind and turn it back and call it now
And so this moment, I just have to sing out loud
And say I love I like and breathe in now

I move on holding on to what I learn, it’s time to let go of the notion
That the whole world’s against me
Break free of shackles that formed young, time free in now
And now I know, it’s not all up to me, I can count on another
So move on lighter and be free …

I believe in for today I just want to know that you’re okay
Cause I believe in breathing just for today
I just want to know that you’re okay…


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