Goldfinger gives handjobs for Jesus

This song (& album) was released in 2008, the year of my first born. Hello Destiny, golden finger is in need of a (w/hole) helping hand.

For I do most things in three’s, two more songs are required to fulfill this tripartite. You must open your eyes, hear with your heart, see with your mind and become Superman.

Goldfinger – Handjobs for Jesus

I don’t know what ends
I don’t know what makes me feel alive
Cause all this time I’ve been alone

The bible says it all
But when they wrote that book, the earth was flat
They needed hope, they needed faith

I’ve spent all this time analyzing
All this time scrutinizing
All this time hypothesizing
All this time philosophizing
Is this life random and meaningless?

They saw a burning bush
If I would starve myself for ninety days, well, I’d have visions of my own
Love your neighbor as yourself
If I loved myself last night does that mean I need to jerk my neighbor off as well?

Do I make this trouble?
Do I make this complicated?
Indeed, this is an answer for everyone

What if I never heard of Jesus?
What if I was born alone in a cell?
(You would burn and burn in)
Heaven will wait, heaven’s too late
I choose to find my heaven here on Earth
So, all religion can go straight, straight to hell

God has spoken, God will smoke all the Earth

Walking down life’s highway
I finally found my soul mate
In Jesus. Yeah, in Jesus

He’s a friend when I had none
Handjobs for the homeless
With Jesus. Yeah, with Jesus (Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!)

Come on, come on, come on
Handjobs for Jesus



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