Message from the muse, k.

Hey beautiful kimions. This is K, your meta kultra leader brings you messages from high! Adoni?

Atta boi! Who’s mumma’s good boy? Mumma’s best bitch? Yeah! LOL

Every Monday (I decided today) I will post up a weekly random playlist here. This is the meta language my antikristo recognise as messages from the divine.

The chaotic god massage oil will be slathered on my patreon (later today). Rub one out as you wait for me to rub that in.

Subscribe to my patreon from $1 per month, and that will give you access to stuff as I come up with them.

Patreon will have early access and exclusive content for my paying patrons! So. Yeah. Give me money.

Gimme gimme moar gimme more gimme mo money mow.


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