Thank you, pretend son, for sharing this song with me. It is the perfect frequency to finish my 2019 opening ceremony.

It is right now the 1st day of January, 2019 @ 9:21 am.

Today is my mother’s birthday… she was born in 1955. She turns 64. 6+4 = 10.

K = 19th element in the periodic table. The symbol for Potassium.

Vitamin K.

The 3rd Alkali Metal under the command of Hydrogen.

I am an androgen. A mechanical girl in a material world. Where the façade is appealing, but the spirit is the essence of which we need… nutrients which refuel and replenish our souls…


happy new year everyone 🙂

Thanks for joining my Cult of Kim.



Martin Garrix & MoOTi – Virus (How about now)


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