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Fashioned in the image which I envision my image.

Here is where I lay the foundation of my magnum opus: theoretical hubris experimentation redux. In other words, my theories about everything, based upon my own personal experience.

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Kim is the Key

key. to whatever. Skeleton sky, master eye, concierge guide. Hope you enjoy your stay.


Insightful independent and intelligent. I can kill you with my mind’s eye. You don’t exist until I see you in my sight.

Mental Messiah

manifesting the mundane material into magical working. the whole world is under my command.

Central beliefs of the new Khrist

  • Jesus died for your sins, you may as well make it worth his time.
  • Pleasure is good, you don’t have to be a martyr for it.
  • Sex is natural and normal. It is powerful because it can be used to control people.
  • Any addiction can be used as a means of control.
  • No matter what you do, be informed! Arm yourself with information and knowledge. Otherwise you just look like a dickhead or arsehole.
  • One mistake shouldn’t hold you back from trying again.
  • Have context! Know what you’re talking about before you make judgements.
    • If you’re in an argument, at least make sure you are both arguing about the same thing. Most of the time it’s poor communication.
    • You don’t know everything, you never will, who cares. Perspective.
  • There’s no escaping life and death. It is a perpetual cycle. Stop being such a sooky baby. Everything is inevitable.
  • Know yourself. Trust yourself. You are you. A complex creature, you are more than the sum of all of your parts
    • You are more than your mind, your intellect, your heart, your soul, your body.
    • You aren’t just what you do, what you like, how you act.
    • Are you only an electrical impulse, inside a brain, inside a skull, inside a meat suit?
    • Are you only a soul, inside a heart, inside a rib cage, inside that same meat suit?
    • Are you only a physical body, a mass of cells, a mass of flesh and gore, an animal motivated by survival and continuation of the species?
  • Free your mind. What are you afraid of? What’s important to you?


testimonials 2of kimions

From our little interactions, I really think K is quite an empathetic soul and that’s a rare and powerful quality to possess. I feel like she have the ability to place herself in the shoes of others just by listening to what they’re going through and that enables K to give out valuable and helpful suggestions.
Also, she are quite easy to talk to. In that, I mean that she don’t take things the wrong way which can lead to misunderstandings.
All in all, she seems like a wonderful person and I hope she won’t ever change.
Have a great day, Kels! ❤.

-Sulaiman Hafeez

Sulaiman Hafeez, wordpress blogger

As is the norm these days, I met this Kalliope named identity on the internet (a woman as the name proves) and upon searching the meaning of her name, I learned Kalliope meant beautiful voice. I smile now because I realise ever since meeting her, that’s all she’s ever been to my ears, a beautiful, encouraging, truthful spontaneous-extraordinaire kind of person.

Now I’ve always battled inner demons that have drawn me to the unhappy and dark side constantly. Most of these demons thrived on my insecurities and lack of common sense at some point in my life although less so at the moment. Well just like everyone else, we have voices in our minds that speak of wisdom and point us in the right way, but it’s up to us whether we choose to shut them up or take them up on their sensible offers.

Kalliope was one of those voices that spoke of sensibility to me. She never hesitated in pointing out that the path I may be walking down on could be disastrous to me. She voiced out wiser thoughts in my head that I was too stupid to apply, how much more listen to. For her, I am thankful and I want you to know my dearest Kalliope, that you are someone people have a lot to learn from. You are an inferno of blazing cheerfulness that lightens up my mood constantly.

Counselling me and listening to me was what I needed and you were there to give me just that as far away as you were, and yet you knew me more than anyone stuck by my side physically. A kind heart as yours deserves nothing but well wishes for happiness and realisations of yearned dreams. Thank you for being a devoted friend.

Signed, Zena.

Instagram @wordsburstContributor to Scribbler’s Area.

Zena, Scribbler’s Arena contributor

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Who is Kim?

A noun, what is but a name? Her name is Kim, and her LANE leads to the truth and the light. Sort of. She may show the way, but it is you who is responsible for the choices you make.


Chaos 555

By number – I was born at 5:55pm, and I have always been rather “chaotic” – well put together mind you, just crazy chaos ‘in the head’.


Meta Metta

By neuroses – I like things to be in order when I don’t feel ordered. I know I’m all meta. Meta whatever.


Thesis Apotheosis

Intention: build an empire of historical and mythological proportion. Utilise persuasive rhetoric as primary mode of teaching, following model of dictatorial propaganda.

  1. Ruminate – review the written word through various lens.
  2. Elucidate – Shed light on otherwise “shadow” work.
  3. Apotheosis – deify the self.
  4. Compilation – construct anthology of my teachings into a book.
  5. Heraldry – history or heresy, whatever. Promo! Profit?

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